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Edge Bander Stefani sz

Edge Bander Stefani sz
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Stefani sz

Flexible sizing-edgebanding cell

Stefani SZ is a new all-in-one cell oriented to medium-sized investment. With a single-operator architecture, it immediately makes the real  business advantages operational, especially in semi-intensive production  contexts and / or with non-homogeneous production batches


Technical data

  • Machinable dimensions with lengthwise feeding (length x width mm) (min/max) 250x120 / 2700* 1200(*3200 opt)

  • Machinable dimensions with crosswise feeding (length x width mm) (min/max)  130x250 /1200 x 2700*  (*3200 opt)

  • Approximate space required (m2) : 85

  • Number of operators:  1

  • Productivity: 600* panels/shift

  • Machining operation with panel squaring/sizing: yes

  • Possibility of finish quality checking: yes

  • Side finder technology for intelligent recognition of the edge to be inserted: yes

  • Check technology for the feasibility of production: yes - Flexible processing by management of each zone / each working unit: yes

  • Continuous optimization of the panel gap depending on the machined panel: yes

  • Flexible management of edge application technology/quality: yes


The data depends on and is affected by the load efficiency of the operator, mix of sizes, extra machine handling logistics. 


The pattern and qualification can be changed

For more information please contact Mr. Pongpan 
Tel. +66 82-782-4710, Email:,



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