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Double End Tenoner DET120 Series

Double End Tenoner DET120 Series
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 รายละเอียดเครื่องจักร Double End Tenoner DET120 Series

Specification & type

RMD 1225

Working Width

250-2500 mm.

Working Thickness

8-90 mm.

Saw Diameter1 (left)

Dia 180 mm.

Saw Diameter2 (right)

Dia 180 mm.

Saw Diameter3 (cut-off left)

Dia 300 mm.

Saw Diameter4 (cut-off right)

Dia 300 mm.

Saw Diameter5 (milling first left-right)

Dia 125-160 mm.

Saw Diameter6 (milling second left-right)

Dia 125-160 mm.

Saw Diameter7 (polish)

Dia 230 mm.

Spindle Diameter1

Dia 25.4-30 mm.

Spindle Diameter2

Dia 25.4-30 mm.

Spindle Diameter3

Dia 25.4-40 mm.

Spindle Diameter4

Dia 25.4-40 mm.

Spindle Diameter5

Dia 4 mm.

Spindle Diameter6

Dia 4 mm.

Spindle Diameter7

Dia 25.4 mm.

Spindle thickness

1.4-3.2 mm.

Main milling cutter length

140 mm.

Main milling cutter weight

19 kg.

Motor power1

4 hp

Motor power2

4 hp

Motor power3

15 hp

Motor power4

15 hp

Motor power5

10 hp

Motor power6

10 hp

Motor power7

3 hp

Sanding Motor Power

3 hp

Feeding Motor Power

4 hp

Pressure belt lift Motor Power

0.33 hp

Widen Motor power

1.5 hp

Total Motor Power

96.55 hp

Feed speed

5-25 m/mm.

Speed of sanding belt

8-13.5 m/s

Dust outlet diameter

Dia 116/120 mm.

Overall Dimension (LxWxH)

5000 × 5395 × 2100mm


7700 kg.

** The pattern and qualification can be changed without changing main qualification of the machine.

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