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Double End Tenoner DET80M Series

Double End Tenoner DET80M Series
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Machine details Double End Tenoner DET80M Series

Specification & type

RMD 8025M

Working Width

250-2500 mm.

Working Thickness

10-120 mm.

Saw Diameter1 (left)

Dia 160-200 mm.

Saw Diameter2 (right)

Dia 160-200 mm.

Saw Diameter3 (cut-off left)

Dia 250-300 mm.

Saw Diameter4 (cut-off right)

Dia 250-300 mm.

Saw Diameter5 (milling first left-right)

Dia 140-160 mm.

Saw Diameter6 (milling second left-right)

Dia 140-160 mm.

Spindle Diameter1

Dia 25.4 mm.

Spindle Diameter2

Dia 25.4 mm.

Spindle Diameter3

Dia 40 mm.

Spindle Diameter4

Dia 40 mm.

Spindle Diameter5

Dia 40 mm.

Spindle Diameter6

Dia 40 mm.

Spindle length1

100 mm.

Spindle length2

175 mm.

Motor power1

4 hp

Motor power2

4 hp

Motor power3

15 hp

Motor power4

15 hp

Motor power5

7.5 hp

Motor power6

10 hp

Feeding Motor Power

4 hp

Pressure belt lift Motor Power

0.33 hp

Widen Motor power

1.5 hp

Total Motor Power

80.09 hp

Feed speed

5-25 m/mm.

Spindle speed

7500 r/min

Dust outlet diameter

Dia 120 mm.

Overall Dimension (LxWxH)

5500 x 4400 x 2100 mm.


7200 kg.

** The pattern and qualification can be changed without changing main qualification of the machine.

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