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Reading Barrier
Lacquer saving system through high precision photodiodes barrier, reading pieces at the infeed side. Data are transmitted to PLC – controlling guns’ opening – to optimize spraying operations.
EASY conveying system, with its continuous solvent-proof carbon fibre belt (CFB), width 1950 mm, ensures: lacquer recovery, long life and easy replacement operations, no overspray on the bottom side of panel and perfect coating quality on edges. High precision positioning system of the cleaning trolley. Automatic belt centering device.
New air diffusion plenum. Totally new way of controlling the air flow in the machine for the best quality, minimal maintenance and higher transfer efficiency.
Cleaning trolley - Patented system, by Cefla Finishing
Cefla has been the very first company to introduce CFB belt conveyor technology. Counter rotating roller removes and recovers lacquer from belt conveyor, while the rest of the system ensures the cleaning of the CFB belt. Cleaning solvent consumption and end-ofshift clean-up time have been reduced to minimum. FLEX version (with recovery belt) has been developed for manufacturers who need to coat small batches or have frequent colour changes.
Easy D by Cefla Finishing
Incoming air by means of the air pressurization unit moves overspray to the filtering system and is then carried to the exhaust fan. Suction system through a large filtering area, composed of a double set of dry filters. Easy to access and disassemble for maintenance operations.
Easy W by Cefla Finishing
Incoming air flow by means of pressurization unit, which moves overspray into the water curtains, then through a “Scrubber” washing unit – to hold solid particles - and is finally carried to the exhaust fan. Dynamic filtration system for reduction of solid emissions into the atmosphere up to< 3 mg/mc.


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