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เครื่องพ่นสี รุ่น PRIMA

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  • Prima by Cefla Finishing is the first machine combining the ability to spray over a working width of 1300 mm, with the currently lowest market price for an automatic sprayer with these performances. 
  • Its output rate ranges between 1 and 3 mt/min. Productivity is therefore much higher than in both the manual spraying booths and thelower-width spraying machines.
  • The disposable paper-covered conveying unit offers all the advantages of a continuous conveyor belt: no overspray on panel undersides, consistent panel face/edge coating.
  • The paper coil is approximately 2400 meters long and can be continuously used during various work shifts.
  • No machine down-time needs to be allowed for cleaning purposes at the end of the work shift : it is only necessary to regularly change the paper coils and replace the filters.
  • Natural air inlet that prevents coat from accumulating in the spray area.
  • Suction is ensured by a high efficiency fan. The inlet air goes through two-stage, large surface dry filters: the system combines high efficiency with reduced working maintenance costs.



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